Brookfield Asset Management cost basis isn't showing in Portfolio view (edit)

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Maybe someone is familiar with the corporate action by Brookfield Asset Management, or perhaps there is a general anwer that would work for all corporate actions. Or a better way to handle this.

A few months ago there was a fairly complex corporate action by Brookfield Asset Management (BAM). My 171 shares of BAM became 171 shares of a new stock "BN" plus 42 shares of a new entity also called BAM (but not the same entitiy)

— QM picked it up as BAM.WI. I waited until I could get new cost basis's from my Vanguard account so they wouldn't show as having a zero cost basis. When I entered the cost basis for BN the cost basis appears on the Portfolio page as expected. However, after doing the same thing for BAM.WI the Portfolio view still shows a zero cost basis. QM recorded both as "Add Shares" and I don't see any other type that might work.

Any suggestions on how to handle this? Thank you!


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