How do I merge securities?

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I was prompted to have Quicken update my securities names but it didn't update all of them. I used the AI help and it said there was a way to merge two securities. The only problem is that it doesn't work.

Is it actually possible to do this?

Quicken Classic Premier vR54.16 Build


  • q_lurker
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    Whatever “AI Help” you were using lacks the “I” component. Those instructions will always fail exactly as you found.

    I would edit each of the transactions that referenced the less desirable name to instead use the more desirable name. One by one, manual edit process. Sort the register by Security to get all the ones you want to change grouped together. Make use of the copy capability to overwrite the less desirable name with the preferred name.

    I know of no other method in Quicken for Windows. Create a good backup file first just in case.

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    @Michael Rosen - You don't give details on why you want to merge the securities, or in what ways they are duplicates, but I think the easiest thing to do is update the investment transactions for the unwanted security with the security you wish to keep. This simply means replacing one one security name with another in each transaction.

    After this is done, the unwanted security can be deleted.

    **One thing to note is security prices. Once they are lost, they are not easy to get back, depending on the security. Check each security's prices and create a text file for both, so you can verify prices after you are done. To do this go to Tools→Security List, and right click on the security name. On the Security Detail View click on the "More" button and then click on "Edit price history". On that pop-up screen you will see a printer icon in the upper right. Click on it and then choose "Export to" and then save the CSV file. Maybe it would be a good idea to check prices before you do any "merging".

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    This method of "merging securities" is unsatisfactory for Windows users, since it involves too many one-by-one transaction edits. The new security name was created from downloaded transactions when the brokerage changed the name identifier. The new transactions with the new security name cannot be made to be continuous with the old transactions with the old security name. This shouldn't be as difficult an edit in Quicken.

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    If your version of Q has this investment action … how about a 1:1 Corporate Acquisition of one "security name" by the other?

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  • fp
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    There seem to be new significant problems with duplicate security creation. In the past month, Q has created duplicate securities when I download transactions. I am asked to "Add this security to Quicken" even though it is already there ( And Q does not recognize it). Click OK and I get "you already have a security with that name"

    I Currently have FOUR securities with the symbol FCX all with slightly different names ( I had to change the name to get Q to accept it) As the sales and purchases are now on another security,I have a short position of 700 shares and a long position o 1100 shares

    I have tried to merge them but it toggles back and forth to the new one without asking if I want to merge them.

    This has happened with other securities but not to this degree

    Windows 10 R55.26

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