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  • michaeljignat
    Just purchased Quicken home & business yesterday per the ok of my CPA. The question is the front says 2019, but I need to recreate all of 2018 because of a past employee issue, how do I go about doing this and also doing the book for 2019?
    February 6
  • Brad_Shirer
    I'm new to Quicken and have recently installed Deluxe 2019 to work with the accounts from my church.  I can't get the church name to print on any reports and can't find a place to enter the church's information.  Can you help?  Thank you.
    February 5
  • RKW463
    I have been using quicken for decades. Currently I am using Quicken for Mac 2016. I am thinking of upgrading to the new version. I am a little concerned about all the negative reviews of Quicken especially for Mac
    My question is: If I purchase Quicken deluxe for Mac 2019 and start using as a completely new installation will it be possible to use the older version of quicken (of course with out combining the two version databases) until I am comfortable that this product is indeed relatively bug free?
    My present requirement is mostly to track my Bank accounts and Credit Card accounts.

    February 5
  • Craig
    I just renewed the Deluxe subscription a few days ago -- it now expires April 3, 2020.  Now I want to upgrade to Premier so I can use Bill Pay. With Quicken open, I go to Help and then to  Add Investing & Tax Tools, and then am presented with a screen offering me the opportunity to do the upgrade. When I click on the Upgrade to Premier, the system wants to charge me $75 to upgrade to Premier with a expiration of 2-3-2020. I had expected an expiration of 4-3-2020 and a price representing the differential between Deluxe and Premier. It looks like Q wants to charge full freight and a shorter subscription period. I guess I "could" wait until April 2020 and then buy subscription for Premier, but that is not acceptable. What shall I do?  Thanks for your expertise.
    February 5
  • Craig
    Hi Howard - I have a question that (in my mind, at least) defies logic. Question regards upgrading from Deluxe to Premier
    February 5
  • Natpwhite
    Howard, I have what seems to be a very simple question but cannot find any Quicken Live Chat or phone number to help me.  Can you?

    February 4
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    February 3
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