Jim Conzelman ✭✭

In trying to print a report, I get "Quicken is unable to verify the active printer on your network...you may reset your Quicken printer settings and try again." Then, "do you want to reset the printer settings?"  I press "yes", nothing happens and the problem remains.  If I press "Help", I get this:  * Make sure you've selected the correct printer in Quicken. (From within Quicken, choose File menu > Printer Setup, select the item you want to print, and check the Printer field. For example, if you're printing a report, choose File menu > Printer Setup > For Reports/Graphs.) When I do this exactly as stated, I get the same "...unable to verify...". However, if I select to print the "Help" message, it lets me see my printers, select the one I want, and it prints the help (as you see, the instruction above). I am stuck.  I have rebooted my PC and restarted Quicken to no avail.  HELP, please.


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