Quicken Victoria Beta


  • SeismicSkate

    Hi Victoria,

    I noticed that you've been helpful and attentive in the past to users of the old Quicken 2007 for Mac who've encountered data migration issues. I'm a very longtime user of that old version.

    I'm now preparing to upgrade to a more recent release. But I'm encountering data errors in at least two test scenarios:

    • exporting to QIF and re-importing into a new file (see screenshot)
    The resulting file ends up missing a great deal of info in at least one account.
    What sort of transactions do the export routines consider "invalid"? The account itself seems error-free in Quicken 2007 for Mac (apart from some old entries with a non-standard character in the "Payee" field).

    • attempting to Save a Copy (see screenshot)
    The result is a collection of three nested folders, all empty.

    Would you please open a dialogue with me, so that I can safely migrate 15+ years of data? Many thanks in advance!

    Daniel Gesmer
    Founder and President, Seismic Skate Systems Inc

    August 19