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    October 15
  • badger411
    I have lost 7 days' worth of business and personal transactions thanks to an automatic subscription update installed on 9/16/21. The backup that I made on 9/13/21 won't open because it asks for the data file password even though it was not saved with one. I have tried to recover my backup from Carbonite and Dropbox in case the one on my C: drive was corrupted with the same results. The "recover password" link isn't active. Quicken Support said tough crap a week ago. They could not unlock my file after an hour. It appears my only choice is to load my 9/6/21 backup and consider it a loss, and block all future Quicken updates. Nearly every time I install an update, my files are damaged.
    September 24
  • congie66
    Hi Francisco,
    I was finally able to deactivate my Ally Bank account and then ADD to Quicken the same account. It did not work. Should I DELETE the account after deactivating? I am responding here because I cannot seem to open the Discussion link we had .... thank you
    September 18
  • Jims1973
    RE: PNC Bank Returns CC-505/105/OL-297 Error That doesn't address those of us who have this issue with Quicken for Mac? What are the trouble shooting steps to resolve the error?
    September 15