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  • KarstenCali
    Hi Quicken Jared, I saw your reply on my post regarding the Chase opening balance change. Tried to post another comment there and tag you back, but @Quicken Jared does not seem to work. Anyway, I can't get you screenshots because I already fixed the problem and I can't recreate it. It's done with. Not sure what you would need them for anyway, it's a pretty straight forward issue. You can try to access the lengthy chat session I had with your support that was entirely unhelpful if you want to read more about the issue. Cheers, Karsten
    September 22
  • mr rahs
    Hi, can you please provide an update on Quicken's progress for resolving the following issue? Thanks.

    September 16
  • uncleirv
    I received a notification from Quicken to update Chase Connection by Sept 26th and today is Sept. 15th. I have now also seen the notice that it is not functioning so I cannot complete this update. What should I do? Will this be corrected by 9/26?
    September 15
  • Quicken Jared
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    September 8
  • rdkam1
    I was able to connect to Boeing Employee Federal Credit Union on Saturday 9/3. Upon resetting my online accounts, transactions successfully downloaded.
    September 7
  • Quicken Jared
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    September 2
  • Floydo
    It appears my program successfully downloaded Boeing Credit Union activity for the first time in two months! Only happened this last time, but great! Did it get resolved?
    ONGOING 08/30/22 Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU) OL-294-A
    August 31