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Hello, I am a long time Q user and a recent victim of the Schwab debacle. Not sure who is at fault, but this should have been handled far far better. I post this for a work around after getting reauthorized with Schwab. It took hours to figure it out, and for me, there were two accounts (one each for my wife and I) that were there but we did not use. I kept them in Q for history. However, even though they were not set up for download, I finally closed the accounts and all of my Schwab accounts were finally downloading. Yep, hundreds of duplicates. At first, tried everyway I could, but I was not going to go transaction by transaction. Found that in Reports-Banking-Transactions you can get cleared transactions and uncheck R transactions. That was perfect for me as I reconcile every month. I just deleted them in batch, easy to do. Now I am waiting until month end to see what real damage it did. The balances look close, but I can never get the balances to match Schwab.


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