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  • Michael3442

    You earlier had your TD accounts transferred to Schwab and you provided a step-by-step process to aid other Quicken users. I'd like to ask for clarification on several of your steps.

    1. I deactivated all my TD Ameritrade accounts. You can now change the account name to Schwab or do it at the end.

    ? Did you deactivate your TD accounts before your transition to Schwab, or did this occur after Schwab moved the accounts over?
    2. Used "create new account" feature in Quicken to create new Charles Schwab accounts (this was done online - not as offline accounts)

    ? Doesn't Schwab create the new accounts for you?
    3. Quicken automatically sends you to Charles Schwab website, where you enter your credentials and approve your accounts data to be accessed by Quicken.
    4. In Quicken, you need to link your newly accessed Schwab account(s) to the TD Ameritrade account(s). In case you have several accounts, you need to make sure that you link each new Schwab to the corresponding TD Ameritrade account.
    5. You can now rename your TD Ameritrade account(s) to Schwab, in case you did not do it in the first step above.

    ? In other words you give each account a new personal name, e.g., Jack's Roth?
    6. Check you stock, cash and mutual funds transactions in your new Schwab account(s). Everything was fine with my stocks and mutual funds transactions. I only had to update the cash balance in Schwab account(s) created in Quicken.

    ?How did you update the cash balances in those Schwab accounts that were created in Quicken?
    7. I ran One Step Update in Quicken and everything works fine.

    Now that you've spent some time with Schwab, do you have any further comments for those of us about to make the move? And, thanks for your step by step guide.

    May 6