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I have methodically entered Payee names in Memorized Payees, and included the correct Category as well as the Memo that I want for each Payee (ex.: Electric Service-XXXX to XXXX). When I download transactions, everything is populated correctly into my check and credit card registers except for the desired Memo entries. Instead I receive the downloaded gibberish from the bank. If I go to each individual entry in the register, I can select the Payee and use the drop-down to go to the Memorized Payee listing, where I can choose the correct Payee and then choose "Use" from the drop-down. This will populate the fields correctly in the register, but of course overwrites the Amount (I have 0.00 for every Memorized Payee). Is there any way to have Quicken populate the Memo field with the desired text that is in the Memorized Payee's memo field?


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