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    February 24
  • kapinossa
    How is PNC doing with Quicken paying bills?
    I need to switch from Truist and trying to find a bank with a future with Quicken and Direct Connect.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    January 6
    • skydivetom
      @kapinossa -- I apologize for the delayed response. I not always the Quicken forum on a regular basis.

      Pertaining to your question, allow me to summarize:
      1. Quick bill pay works **great** with PNC. I switched from Truist to PNC in April/May last year and it's been working fantastic.
      2. Additionally, the customer service is far superior at PNC. While I understand that this a relatively term and depends on your individual expectations, allow me to summarize below:

      - In my view, the PNC website is far superior compared to TRUIST's website. For example, it has many, many more additional features (personalization, security alerts, etc.).
      - When calling the 800 number (customer service) the hold times before a person picks up a relatively short. I will say I probably only called the 800 number less than a dozen times, but I recall that I never had to wait for more than 2-3 minutes before a customer service rep picked up the phone.
      - Also, during each call, I believe I noticed a different level of "friendliness" from each customer service rep.
      - Finally, I recently had a called and had a technical question about their website. The CSR opened a ticket and indicated that someone would call me back within 72 hours. To my complete surprise, they did call back within that timeframe.

      In summary, I don't know if TRUIST ever resolved the Quicken issue that thousands of customer experienced in Feb/Mar 2022. After banking with PNC for nearly 1 year now, I am sooo happy and changed my bank from TRUIST to PNC. Yes, after 20 years with TRUST, the transition took some time to update everything (employer deposits, learning my new account numbers, etc. etc.)... but it was definitely worth it and I wish I had moved to PNC many years ago.

      Hope this helps.

    • skydivetom
      Just to clarify... I meant "Quicken" bill pay (via Direct Connect) works great! Losing the Direct Connect ability with TRUIST was the primary reason for switching. And setting it up with PNC took no longer than literally 5-10 minutes after my accounts had been established with PNC.

      I only included the other info (website, customer service experience) as an additional "bonus" which made me even happier once I transitioned in April/May last year.

      If I had 10 *thumbs", I'd give PNC a 10-thumb up!