Is it possible to enter data in the "Customer Invoice" window then enter data for another customer w

I have Quicken 2010. When I enter data in the Customer Invoice window then hit "Enter" on the keyboard, the data is saved, but the window goes away. Then I'm forced to go back to the "Business/Invoices and Estimates/Create an Invoice" path. Is there a way to fill in the info on an invoice and enter it into the computer without loosing the "Customer Invoice" window each time?


  • Howard Roark
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    Click the "Save and New" button at the foot of the invoice (or press ALT+v), instead of pressing the Enter key.

    Also, you can probably save a mouse click or two if you initiate the new invoice process by clicking the "Account Actions" button in the invoice register, then selecting "New Customer Invoice.
  • RandyP
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    I know this is old, but it's not marked "answered" and it's not closed for discussion, so here goes . . .

    When creating a new invoice, after you've input data into a field, press the "Tab" key to move to the next field. Repeat.
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