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FAQ: How to Get Quicken sounds in Windows 7

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Finally, with the help of on-line Quicken chat support, a nice tech named Rajender finally allowed me to be successful in restoring Quicken sounds with the 2012 version under Windows 7. For any of you who have been equally frustrated, just follow these directions:

• In Control Panel select Sound. It will take you to the Sound window.
• Select the Playback tab
• Select your default playback device (the one with the green check mark). For my PC it was “Speakers”.
• Click on Properties
• Click on the Enhancements tab and put a check mark on “Disable All Enhancements.”
• Click Apply and then OK.
• You will then be returned to the Sound window.
• Under “Sound Scheme” select Windows Default (Perhaps other schemes will work too).
• In Program Events scroll down to the Quicken area and select the default Quicken sounds by using Browse and going to the Quicken Sound folder (In my PC it’s C:Program Files(x86)QuickenSounds)
• The default sounds are:
Activity bar item: qaitem.wav
Activity bar menu: qamenu.wav
Click: qclick.wav
Delete: qdelete.wav
Memorize: qmem.wav
Open Program: qopen.wav
Record: qrecord.wav
• After selecting each wav file click Open, which will send you back to the Sounds menu.
• Do this for all the sounds. After all sounds are selected, click Apply and OK.
Open Quicken and test that they’re all there. For me, it’s nice to have the cash register sound back.


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    Answered in original post.
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    That worked!  I've been frustrated since Quicken 2011 at least.  The Disabling sound effects under Enhancements truly was the trick.  Thanks!

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