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FAQ: Turn Off Auto-Reconcile to Reconcile w/Paper Statement

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When starting to reconcile an account, a popup appears requesting balances. I checked "Always use online balance. Don't ask me again.". That popup no longer appears, but reconcile now uses the paper statement, which always shows 0 balance. How do I recover the original popup so that I can use the online balance.


  • stefaniusnstefaniusn Member
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    I also get the error when reconciling to online account, when reconcile using online balance is checked
  • sbialkowsbialkow Member
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    To add insult to injury, if I type in the correct amount in the "balance" window, the reconcile produces an adjustment (a fault of earlier balance adjustments). When I choose to make this adjustment, the reconcile window closes, checked items are not reconciled, and the entry for the balance adjustment is $0. So there appears no way to reconcile the account.
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    I did a chat with one of Quicken's support personnel. The fellow did know his stuff. With his advise and a bit of playing, here is the answer.

    1. Close the register

    2. Click "Tools" from the menu bar, then "Account List", or simply ctrl-A

    3. Find the account and click "Edit"

    4. Select the "Online Services" tab.

    5. Check "Reconcile using Online Balance" (bottom line). If it is currently checked, uncheck, exit Quicken and start over.

    6. Close "accounts". Exit Quicken.

    7. Open Quicken and your register. Select "Reconcile" from the Gear icon or ctrl-R. The original balance dialog will probably not appear yet. Close the register.

    8. Open "Accounts" and "Edit" your account. Go to the "Online Services" tab and uncheck "Reconcile using Online Balance". Close "Accounts" .

    9. Open your account and reconcile. The original balance dialog should now appear.
  • citroncitron Member
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    I want to go back and use the paper statement to reconcile since it appears I am missing some transaction but when I choose this option Quicken warnings it will maybe screw up the balance. My online balance and Quickens balance is way off. Is it possible to remove the "R" and change it back to "C" to make it easier to find missing entries?

  • jlopez448jlopez448 Member
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    I performed this steps exactly and my issue has been resolved.  Thanks

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    Finally! None of the other answers were detailed enough! Now my account is back to working. This is the worst upgrade ever (2012 Premier to 2014 Premier)!

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