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Quicken for Mac 2016 Version 3.5.1 (Build 35.13166.100) Fidelity posted a FAQ to question "How do I suppress Redemption and Purchase from Core Account seen in Quicken?" The answer are steps for Windows version. I need a translation of how to do this. Fidelity said contact Quicken. The Windows steps are here:


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    Sorry this question has sat unanswered for so long. I'm not a Mac person, so I can't help. But let us know whether you still need an answer or whether you've figured out how to do what you need.
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    Spoke once again to Fidelity Tech Support. Short answer is Fidelity has figured a solution for Quicken Windows but not Mac. They are not working on a Mac fix. It's up to Quicken to figure this out.
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    I am not a Mac user either, but I'll toss in some thoughts.

    I don't see why this is complicated. As I understood Fido's statement, they are no longer going to report sweeps to a MM fund. Instead they are going to report that as cash holdings. If that is correct, I would be entering one sell transaction for all of the prior sweep MM fund assets turning those into cash. From there, seems to me all future downloads should be fine, raising and lowering that cash balance as applicable with each transaction. It is a system used and recommended by NotACPA in particular, and would seem to be independent of Mac or Win versions. Maybe I am missing something.
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    I figured out how to do this using QM2107.  It is a similar solution to that posted on Fidelity FAQ for Windows.

    The first step is to delete all your "shares" in the Core Holding in Quicken - those that are holding the cash. Next step is to reconcile against the online balance in Quicken. Reconciling a brokerage account tracks cash. An adjustment is calculated that will match the cash position in the account. Accept the adjustment and you are up to date! 
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