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Bring back Quick Report for Mac (77 Legacy Votes)

Paul SchopfPaul Schopf Member ✭✭✭
edited November 2019 in Reports (Mac)
I really want QkReport!  

Trying out Quicken 2017, the one reporting feature I miss most is QkReport from QM2007.  I often want to know how much I paid to one payee  (or when).  The feature allows you to choose  [payee, category, class, account or security], and a set of date-range options, and one box to enter the text to search for.   Why keep track of all this data if you can't  find out whether you paid Ralph  for that old bill you found in the bottom of your car.  

It is possible in Quicken 2017 to find such things, but the process is laborious and very time-consuming.
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