Discrepancies between account summary (left frame) and investment summary (right frame)

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Quicken 2015 for Windows
Ugh.  I have two investment accounts that show different values in the account summary (left frame) and the investment summary (right frame).  I've checked everything I could using online tips.  It is not future pricing, future transactions, etc.  The left frame is correct.  I have tracked the problem to one stock purchase in each account (but not the same stock or trade date) that is in there, being tallied in the account summary ()left frame) but not being tallied or even showing up in the investment summary (right frame).  Two two trades are 1-2 months old.  Newer trades are showing just fine.  The two stocks are not hidden in the security list.  Hoping somebody knows what might be wrong.


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    Wow ...  Somebody else's post made me do some more exploring and I found the problem.  A security can be "hidden" in more than one way.  My two stocks were not checked as hidden in the in the Security List.  But I have a customized investment summary (right frame).  By going into Options, the Customize Current View, then Securities, you find a second list.  I had the Show (hidden securities) button checked, but that is not good enough.  There were a few securities that were not hidden in the Security List that were not checked on this list, including my two missing stocks.  I checked the box for each and the problem was solved.  Left and right frames now match.  Hopefully this will help somebody else. 
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    Also on my system at least (QW Premier 2017) if any of your investment accounts has a cash balance, the cash will be included in the account summary in the left pane but if you select Investing/Portfolio on the right and group by Security, the cash is not included even if No Security (includes Cash) is checked in Customize.
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