How to Add Incremental, New Accounts to Fidelity for 1Step Update

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Using Quicken for Windows 2016. Set it up some months ago and made connection to Fidelity for Brokerage and CMA accounts downloads. Has been working fine and is still working for the initial 7 different fidelity accounts under my single logon. However, since establishing the initial connection, I've opened 3 more accounts that are being managed by an outside investment company, but using Fidelity as the record keeper. They are not being included in the QUicken Update and I can't seem to find a way to add them to the 1 step update process. Any assistance appreciated.


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    Can you see the new accounts using the same login to Fidelity's website as for your older accounts? If so, you should be able to set them up in Quicken then set them up for downloading using your existing Fidelity user name and password. 

    If not, you need to get online access to these accounts then connect using those credentials.
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    If all the accounts use the same userid/password, you should be able to create a new account (Tools > Add Account) just like before. When you get to the display that lists all the accounts at Fidelity, the original 7 Quicken accounts should be listed as ignore, the two new accounts should be listed as add.

    If the new accounts use a separate userid/password, just add the accounts as you would any new financial institution using the new userid/password.

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