how do I take same action on multiple entries

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I am trying to move multiple transactions between accounts.  Is there a way to select multiple rows and do it once?


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    What type of accounts?  which version of Quicken?  The answers determine the advice given.

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    Quicken 2016.  My mutual fund company combined my accounts and I want to move mutual fund data between accounts.  I was using the "shares transferred between accounts" action on the selected record.
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    "Shares transferred between accounts" does not "move selected register transactions" to a new investment account register.
    But, it is the correct transaction type to use.
    Select the "Shares transferred between accounts" transaction and fill out the form. You can either select a single security by name or all securities within the old account (plus any cash balance to be transferred.)
    When you select one of the Enter/... buttons, Quicken will create transactions in both accounts. In the old account to reflect the removal of shares. In the new account there will be one new transaction for each lot of each security that you currently hold in the old account, with proper purchase and holding information available under the covers. This process may involve a lot of screen blinking and "cha-ching" sounds, so don't panic. Just let it run.
    If all goes well, your new account now will have the proper holdings and the old account will be $0.00

    By the way, this process only works properly if you haven't downloaded and accepted any transactions related to the transfer in both accounts already.
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