Entering investment transactions and ticker symbol on reports

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I have been using Quicken Premier 2013 and have a couple of suggestions. When entering a investment transacion it would be nice if only the securities of the particular brokerage account were shown in the Security Names drop down box instead of all of the securites you have invested in. I would also like the ticker symbol to be printed on my reports.


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    Good suggestion on entering investment transactions, but it gets complicated. What if you want to buy something in acct A that you already hold in acct B? You don't want duplicate entries in the security list. If the dropdown is cluttered with securities you no longer hold anywhere, you can always hide them. If for some reason you want to see them again, you can check the Show hidden box.

    On the reports, you don't say which reports you are referring to. In Premier 2017, for the Investment Transaction report for example, it defaults to showing the ticker symbol. and you can customize what is shown by clicking on the gear icon. Likewise, on the Investing Portfolio tab you can customize what is displayed and printed, including ticker symbols, by clicking on the Customize button.
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