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Is there a way to get a report out of quicken breaking down the investments by growth vs value?  I've read about a tab for 'Portfolio x-ray' which is supposed to be able to do that, but that tab is not exist in my Quicken 2016 Deluxe.  Thanks.


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    As Quicken's asset classes do not break down growth vs value, you would need to do this manually for each security either using the Type field (you'd create two new Types) or using the Investing Goals field.  Once that is all done, various reports and graphs will use that data.  The Investing Goals would generally be the more intended path and you should find Growth and Value as two available goals already in existence.  If not, you can create them.  Using the Type field will have more unintended consequences.  Because these are security level settings, it is one-to-one with the security.  The security cannot be growth in one account and value in another.  
    I believe the X-Ray option requires the Premier level program.  I don't know if that directly brings in the Growth / Value breakdown.  
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    The X-Ray (Premier required) will provide a breakdown of your portfolio into Morningstar's 9 Style boxes - Value-Core-Growth on one dimension, Small-Mid-Large cap on the other. Note that Morningstar's breakdown of capitalization does not match Quicken's, which only has large and small. (I like M*'s better)

    It also provides a breakdown by world region if you have international stocks, and a Stock Intersection tab, which shows overlaps of your holdings between multiple funds. 
    QWin Premier subscription
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