Deleting historical transactions in closed mutual fund

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incorrect transactions in closed mutual fund are causing Asset Allocation report to show mutual funds that are closed. how do I delete those transactions in the closed mutual fund


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    More info needed.
    1. What Q product, product year, and release level?
    2. Is this a "Single Mutual Fund" type of account?
    3. How did the incorrect transactions come about?
    4. Is the Q investment account, that holds the fund, closed?  OR is the fund just a position in an investment account where you sold all of the fund?
    5. Why can't you just exclude that fund from the report?

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    Assuming Quicken for Windows ...
    If you are using the Investing tab's Portfolio view you can customize it to include or exclude "Closed lots" (i.e., a security where you no longer hold any shares)
    Click the Options gear icon and click to select or deselect "Show closed lots" in the popup menu.

    You most definitely DO NOT DELETE investment register transactions just because you don't want to see them.

    If you are looking at something else, more details, please.
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