Best way to move fractional shares from one mutual fund to another

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I transferred some of Fund A to Fund B in my 401K using Quicken Premier 2016 on Windows.  The transfer resulted in a fractional number of shares being transferred.  I was going to just remove the old ones and add the new ones in Quicken but it will not accept fractional shares.  What is the best way to make this transfer so the number of shares matches the statement?


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    More info needed.  In real life, what happened? Be precise.
    In Q, how did you do that "transfer"?  Again, be precise.

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    You can't use remove and add as you have found.
    Sell fund A; use the "Sell all shares" option. You'll get some cash.
    You must use the calculator "Cash / Fund B price" to calculate the shares. Copy that value from the calculator.
    Buy fund B in the amount of cash above, and paste in the calculated number of shares. The share price should come out exact , plus or minus 0.0001.
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