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I added my Fidelity NetBenefits account to Quicken 2016 Deluxe.  After some edits the Cash Balance of the account in Quicken is the same as my Fidelity statement, but Quicken also lists the Total Market Value of the account which is about 12,000 dollars higher than the Cash Balance.  Should the values be the same?  What is the difference between these two numbers?  Is there a way to reconcile the values to be the same.  


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    Total Market Value includes the value of the securities in the account.  Cash Balance is cash only. Securities Value is securities only.
    If the cash is correct, then that would suggest that the Securities Value is incorrect. 
    SO, do CTR-Y and then, for each security that you hold in that account, click on the security name, click Update, click Edit Price History and see if there are any screwy prices for a security that you hold.

    Cash Balance and Total Market Value should only be the same if there are NO securities in the account.

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    Thank you.  This response was very helpful.  I was able to resolve the discrepancy.
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