three etfs UCO have three different names which keep crashing quicken premiere 2017

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    You are going to have to clarify your circumstances to get a meaningful reply.
    Different names? UCO?  crash?
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    UCO is anETF symbol representing 3 funds each brokerage service has a different name ultra oil ultra Bloomberg dbs oil ultra Bloomberg 1/12/2017 oil all are the same fund how to label so program wont crash trying to match security names  with symbol 
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    Take a backup then, do CTRL-Y to bring up your security list.  Click the "show hidden securities" at the bottom of the window.  Click on the SYMBOL column header to sort by that.

    Do you have multiple securities in your file that have the UCO symbol?  If so, pick which one you want to keep.  Edit the transactions in the other accounts to use THAT name.  Then delete the other names that use UCO.

    Q really doesn't care what you call a security, nor does it care if you have the same security in multiple accounts (I hold some securities in 4 different accounts).

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