Credit card payment from bank checking account shows twice in credit card window

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This problem involves two accounts: a credit card account
and a bank checking account.  This
problem reoccurs every month when I download my data into Quicken.

In the credit card account window I see a single payment
shown twice on the same date.  One
of the two duplicate transactions refers to the credit card account as the
category and the other refers to the checking account from which the payment
was made as the category.

The date and amount for the duplicate transactions are the

If I delete the transaction in the credit card window that
refers to the checking account from which payment was made, that transaction
disappears in both the checking account window and the credit card window.

In summary, I don’t understand why this same transaction is
showing up twice in the credit card window (once referring to the checking
count and once referring to the credit card in question) and why it totally
disappears from both accounts when I delete the duplicate item in the credit
card account window. 

NOTE: For download I use web connect for downloading the
credit card transactions and one step update for the bank account transactions.


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    You should delete the one in the credit card account that goes to a credit card category. You only need the one that is a Transfer between the credit card and checking accounts. The one with the checking account for the category is really a Transfer. You are getting 2 transactions because you are downloading the payment into both the Checking account and again to the credit card account. That's ok. You just have to delete the duplicate one that downloads from the credit card account.

    When the payment downloads from the bank into your checking account it puts the credit card in for the category. It is a Transfer so it automatically shows up in the credit card account.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    Some of this a matter of timing.

    The way I would deal with this is to do the download for the checking account first and make sure the CC payment is done as a transfer, thus creating the transaction in the CC account.

    Then, you do the CC account.  Do the download and make sure that the CC payment is matched to the system generated CC payment transaction from the Checking account.

    To do all of this requires that you do NOT have the downloaded transactions automatically entered into the register, but that you review and accept them from Downloaded Transactions tab.

    The timing part is that the checking account has to happen first so that the transfer transaction is waiting in the CC account when you do the acceptance of the transactions. 

    You can do all of the downloads at the same time (OSU), it is the acceptance sequence order that is important.

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