Sold stock, re-bought same stock later. Investing tab - income column shows total of both lots. How

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Sold stock, re-bought same stock two years later. Now in investing tab, income amount column  shows combination of both lots. How can I get it to only reflect present holding? I have Quicken Premier 2016.


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    It appears that indeed the Income column in the Investing Portfolio views shows the total income you have ever received from that security, including reinvestments, even if you sold all your shares and then bought some back. At the account level, it shows all the income ever earned in the account.

    Not too useful IMO, but that's what it is. 

    You could customize an investing report to include just the account, security, and time period of interest.
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    The Income column for Portfolio views uses the Options / Portfolio Preferences selection for return calculations from () Earliest Date, or () Specified date.  You can selected a date after you sold the first lot, then you should see only Income for that security after that date.  That is not an attractive approach if you are buying and selling off various lots at various times.  

    That same characteristic of aggregating data over time will occur with other parameters as well.  It is wise to understand what data is being presented (in this case since Earliest Date) before making conclusions.
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