Is there any way to make a closed account open again. Really need to correct my error. AL

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Quicken premier 2017 for windows. I seemed to have closed a couple of accounts that I really need to be OPEN. How do I correct my error?


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    There's no way to re-open a Closed account ... but go to the account and see if you can edit transactions there anyway.

    You're other option is to restore from a backup that was created before you closed the accounts ... but then you'll need to re-input/re-download everything that happened since then.

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    And your third option, if you have really marked these accounts as closed and restoring from a backup is not feasible, is to create new account registers in Quicken, to resume where the closed accounts left off.
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    Well there is a fourth option if the account isn't an investment account.
    And that is to create a new account, move the transactions from the old account to the new account and then continue from there:
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