capital gain on tax free bond fund shares sold, not reported

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I own shared of a tax free bond fund, so it is checkboxed tax free so that dividends are not reported. However when I sold several shares at a profit, that capital gain is taxable, however the tax reports fail to show the sale apparently defaulting to tax free for every transaction. Quicken 17, windows version, should know that sales of shares is taxable even in a tax free fund.  What did I do wrong?


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    Check the settings on the report to make sure the account & security are included. Quicken should get this right. (Usually we get the opposite question: why is Quicken saying gains on my tax-free fund are taxable?) If that doesn't turn up the answer, come back & tell us which specific report is failing to report the taxable gain.

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    Also make sure the account where you held the shares is not set to Tax deferred
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    Thank you.  The tax deferred box seems to have been the problem
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