fidelity 401(k) does not download recording or adming fee transacations

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Just reconciled after 3 years my 401(k). Noticed that none of the recording or admin fee transactions were downloaded into quicken. There are for typically less than a $1 each, with each of my funds being docked a fractional share. In NetBenefits when looking at transactions each of the transactions shows for each fund held. Why doesn't quicken download them? I have had to create manual entries for each of the transactions. At one points I had 10 funds - had my contribution, my employer and catch up - that is 10 funds x 3 contributions x 2x a month paycheck = 60 minuscule entries to correct.

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    Not to excuse the missing transactions, but if the fees are small, you could lump them together for each security once per year to make the account balance.
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