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1. in the portfolio section, there is cost basis but not cost basis per share. Is there a way we can add this? cost basis per share is very important feature.

2. if there is a investment summary report we can generate will be great. this report will display information such as cost basis, cost basis per share, total, etc.

3. Can we sub group for asset type? Perhaps others? currently the only asset type is property.

Overall, the quicken 2017 version is much better than before but still have much rooms for improvement.



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    Here's a workaround for cost basis per share. While viewing the portfolio, do a Edit > Select All, then Edit > Copy (Command-A, Command-C). Then paste into a spreadsheet (Excel or Numbers). After a little cleanup, you can add a column to compute the basis per share.
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    QM does not presently show total cost basis; my solutions is in spotlight do a little division.

    No investment summary reports at present.
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    Isn't cost basis per share a meaningless number without the that information at the lot level?
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    When one is looking for total cost basis/share (as in QW) its cost basis/# of shares
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    If your investment involves dividends that are a Return of Capital, the Cost Basis for the lots held in the account will be wrong if any shares were acquired on the same date as the Return of Capital was recorded.  The erroneous Cost Basis will be included in the Tax Schedule report.

    Read my following post and click on "ME TOO" if you have uncovered the same problem.  It occurs in both QM2017 and QW2017 products.
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    MC, while i am not involved with these particular instruments I note & agree there are issues with the realized gains shown in the portfolio view in Qm; My issues come to pass with municipal bonds and the Accrued interest. Like what happens to you the data under the realized gains is not correct & is replicated incorrectly in the Tax Schedule. I basically go back to the Fi website to see whats happening. I concurr this is far from satisfactory.
    IMHO this is just one of the many failings of QM when it comes to the investment areas; I am in no way minimizing your concerns but the folks at Quicken have so far to go with elementary issues as it relates to Investments. QM presently cannot deal with selling individual lots on a stock , something so rudimentary for a personal financial software. I am not even going to get started on investment reporting & handling of options.

    This is the first year I am dealing into Turbotax, so was very concerned about all the issues with respect to QM & handling investments. I took a cue from Rick O, while I was able to upload all the schedule A items with confidence I took his  counsel & imported the investment activity from my Fi directly into Turbotax.
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    cost basis per share is a function on quicken 2006 but I have now purchased quicken 2017 and quicken 2018 and that function is not there. I am so disappointed that the software is less useful than its previous version from 12 years ago
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