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Suggestion: add a collapse categories toggle to annual budget view
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  • Unknown
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    I don't follow what you are talking about, you can already collapse the category groups, and the parent categories.  And you can't really collapse a category, there isn't anything under it.

    Are you talking about something like Collapse All, Expand All?
  • hmday
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    Yes a Collapse All or Expand All...When I select the planning tab and then select budgets, and the annual view is displayed, all categories are in the expanded view with all sub-categories displayed. I have to manually collapse each category to "roll up" the subcategories.  When I return to the budget at  a later date the categories are expanded and I have to repeat the steps to collapse each category. It should either remain as I left it when I reopen my budget or have a single toggle, as featured in other reports and displays, that will collapse all categories with a single selection.
  • Jim Blass
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    edited January 2018
    I agree.  It is a PITB to have to collapse all the budget categories every time you open the Planning tab.  I would rather have them all collapsed the first time I go in and them manually expand the one I want to look at.
  • Unknown
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    edited April 2018
    I have the same problem. In my opinion the collapsed view should be the default view and then you expand as you need. Is there any way to submit a suggestion like this to Quicken to try to get this changed for a future release?
  • Jim Blass
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    edited April 2018
    Still a PITB.  Seems like this would be a simple upgrade.  I can only imagine this is aggravating to a large number of users.  I think the default should be collapsed and then you can expand the categories you want to explore.
  • Unknown
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    edited April 2018
    YES, I ditto this  completely! I just spent 45 minutes looking for SOME where  in Preferences or budget options to try and have categories  default to collapsed view (or, however I left them last) in Planning.  Quicken, can you please fix this? For all the pointless little option toggles which are available that I will NEVER use,  this is a simple (useful) one that obviously was overlooked.
  • Unknown
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    Not a perfect solution, but the budget reports have collapse/expand all as a feature. I think the intention is to use budget reports to analyze and review your budgets. The planning tab is for creating, setting and managing them.
  • user_reh
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    When I'm actively working on my budget, I also feel it is absolutely needed to collapse/expand all in a single click. It does seem obvious this should be included.
  • riggz609
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    Add a Plus/Minus Button above the column line that has all the individual Plus/Minus Buttons for budget categories. A single click would collapse or expand all budget categories at once. Seems to be a very useful feature that a lot of Quicken users would benefit from and should be fairly easy add to the program.

    Thank you!
  • bmciance
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    Or, put “Expand All” and “Collapse All” buttons like on the Investing tab.   Either would work for me.  

    added my vote....
  • riggz609
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    I wasn't aware they had the buttons in the investment tab because I haven't been able to use that tab yet due to having no extra money for investments, Hopefully someday.😊 But yes either way would work for me, just a real inconvenience having to expand/collapse all the categories when you have a lot of them.
  • vlnielsen
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    I agree with all above posters. We need an "expand all", "collapse all" function on the planning tab.
  • tpivnick
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    Solution: Reports >Other Reports >Category Summary

    from there you can customize and save the report. On the right side (on Mac) there's a dropdown menu "Update view to show me".... has 3 options for different views that are equinalent to collapsing and/or Expanding Sub-categories, etc.
    Hope this helps you all
  • UKR
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  • BShaffer
    BShaffer Member
    Created an account just to vote on this and add my two cents. I feel like Quicken is mid-2000's era software existing in 2020 - a lot of these features should be standard by now. I really, really want to like Quicken, but it's stuff like this that makes me wonder if I'd be less frustrated with a more modern competitor.
  • lcfillo
    lcfillo Member ✭✭
    I find the inability to open the budget planning tool initially in collapsed mode annoying as well. Please add this customization to your next release. Thanks!
  • jrbrett
    jrbrett Member ✭✭
    Agreed with all the above. Almost every other software tool since the 2000's has an Expand/Collapse All (and even Level!!! L1, L2, L3!!!!) It is silly we are even having this discussion. I pretty much stopped using the planning because it is so irritating.
  • imdcareys
    imdcareys Member ✭✭✭✭
    Also agree with this idea along with the permutations in the discussion.

    Win 11 - Quicken Premier - v53.32

  • rich
    rich Member ✭✭✭
    agree with this idea
  • rlmcculley
    rlmcculley Member ✭✭
    Why is this so hard to do? This is one of the many frustrations that I face as a Quicken user. We pay a premium for this service, and it offers sub-standard support and functionality. JRBRETT has a valid point -