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Investment Account Categories:  I use Quicken Deluxe 2016 for Windows.  I manage my 97 year old mother's bank account and recently downloaded her Schwab investment account.  I want to create a composite report using both the checking account and the investment account data.  

However, the categories, indeed all columns, in the investment account don't synch with the checking account.  Is there any way to set up the columns in the investment account so that I can create a composite report?


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    If you're interested in seeing Transaction Detail ...

    AFAIK, the answer to your question is No.
    You'll have to pull a Banking / Transaction and a separate Investing / Investment Transactions report.

    Don't forget to save those reports after customization so you can use them again later to pull an updated copy.

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    If what you are interested in is the account balances over time, in 2017 Premier you can go to Reports/Net Worth and Balances and select the Account Balances report. You can customize this to show just the accounts you are interested in.

    If you want all the cash transactions, you can go to Reports/Banking/Transaction and again select which accounts you want to include. You may need to experiment with this report to see if it makes sense for your purposes, because investment transactions that involve buying, selling, or reinvesting dividends may do unexpected things.

    If you use the investment account to pay bills, you may want to check "Show cash in a checking account" in the Account Details settings. This will create a special account in the Banking section of Quicken to track the cash. BUT make sure you back up your Quicken file before doing this so you can go back to the previous settings because it is sometimes difficult to undo this if you change your mind.
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