How do I get the shares balance column to show in an account investment register

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I have 4 different user accounts set up in Quicken Windows 2015.  Three of the accounts show a "Share Balance" for a specific stock in an account's investment register.  The 4th user's investment accounts do not have a a column for SHARE BALANCE.  I cannot seem to find a way to add this column. Please advise. Thank you.


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    What columns DO you show in that 4th account?  Because in an investment account, unlike card/bank/etc accounts, you can't change the columns displayed.

    Is is possible that the Share Bal column is so narrow that it seems to be gone?

    Here's what shows in my investment accounts.

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    Much thanks for the quick reply.  Yes, the share column was too narrow.  Prior to reaching out to the community, I noticed that the share column was very narrow.  BUT, I tried to widen it from the left margin.  Upon seeing your reply, I tried from the right margin and was successful.  Thank you.
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