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Bringing Stock into a new Quicken account / Adjusting cost basis

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I owned stock in a brokerage account that had been purchased in multiple batches (i.e.  different cost basis) and closed out that account. and moved all shares to a new brokerage.  When Quicken downloaded the existing account where I had them transferred downloaded  then entire batch as a single add.  In other words, the stock came into the new brokerage account (which already existed in Quicken) as a single add without the cost basis breakdown.  How do I update the different purchase dates / purchase prices in this new account?  If I create new transactions it will of course mess up my cash account.  I'm sure there is an easy answer to this but I can's figure it out.


  • NotACPA
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    My inclination would be:
    1) Deactivate the OLD account(s) from download
    2) TOOLS, Account List and change the account name to reflect the new brokerage and blank out the account number and related info
    3) Exit Q, restart Q
    4) TOOLS, Account List and click EDIT across from the account name.  Click Online Services and then activate the account with the new brokerage info.
    5) Take a backup, just in case, and then delete the NEW brokerage account that your previously created.

    Thus, the Old account becomes the account at the new brokerage and all of your history is intact.
    When that new transaction (with all of the shares coming in at once) appears, just delete it.
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    At your stage, I think you want to delete the one Add Shares your new brokerage sent and add in new Add Shares transactions for each lot.  Those Add Shares transactions can reflect the current transactions date, the original acquisition date for that lot, and the proper cost basis for that lot.

    The same effect can be accomplished with a Shares Transferred function moving holdings from the original account to the new account.  Quicken will then do that work.  But ideally, you make that step in Quicken before your final download from the old place (which might Remove shares) or the initial download from the new place (which would be all their Add Shares or similar).    
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    great - thanks!!!
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