is there a report for investment ytd performace by percentage - not annualized

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    (Using Q2016 for Windows)

    There's no "report" along those lines that I'm aware of.  But maybe a column heading in Portfolio view would work.

    Open "Help", select "Contents", click on "Glossary" and click on the letter "R".  Select the "Return (%) YTD (Portfolio column)" item for a definition.
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    Actually, I think if you use the Investment Performance Report with the Yearly (or 1/1 to 12/31) time frame rather than YTD, you will effectively get the non-annualized return.  Say your investment went from $1,000 to $1,100 in six months.  The YTD will see 10% in 6-months and turn that into 20 or 21% annualized.  The Yearly version will assume the EOY value is the same as the six-month value (or today's value) and compute the AAR as 10% -- which I think is what you want to see. It is still listed as the Annualized value, but since there is no change in value from to-date to EOY, the value is also the non-annualized YTD performance.  

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