Can a deleted security in a brokerage account be restored?

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I held shares of CSCO in a brokerage IRA account that was sold and the account closed many years ago. I was adding a recent purchase of CSCO in a taxable account but when I added the symbol Quicken asked to merge or default.  The default merged the two accounts showing an erroneous valuation for the taxable shares.  In my haste I accidentally deleted the old IRA account and now my net worth is completely off.  Is there any way to undo this mess?  I looked at the first of multiple backup copies but CSCO is gone there too - not surprisingly.



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    You've actually got 2 issues, the IRA and CSCO.

    For the IRA, your best option is to restore from a backup that DOES contain the IRA.  There's really no other way, other than re-creating it manually.

    For the CSCO, elaborate upon how you were adding the shares.  What Q action were you using?  Because the customary method would be to have cash in the account and the BUY the CSCO.  That would establish the current value of the shares.

    Also, what Q product are you running?  What product year? What version of Win?  And what country?

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    NotACPA, many thanks for such a quick reply.  Feel even dumber since I forgot - running Quicken Premier 2017 on Win 7 SP2 in the US.  As for the shares, normally I buy them with cash from the MMkt brokerage account.  Did get back to a normal start point with a BU from 7/31 so not too much to restore manually.  Thanks again
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