Investment is incorrectly using the market price value for another investment - manual edit changes

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In Quicken Windows 2016 R12(, I have two securities in my 401K that incorrectly show the value of one of them:

If I edit the S&P 500 Index Fund to the correct $12.167 market price it changes the US Bond Index price too and vice versa if I then try to fix that one. I went through the setup of the securities and the S&P fund is CUSIP MLN84000 and the Bond Fund is CUSIP MLN84001, so they should "find" the correct market price.

I tried File>File Operations>Validate and Repair and checked the first three boxes, but that didn't fix the issue.

Any ideas?


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    See if you've used the same security symbol for both.  That's more important than the CUSIP.

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    Thank you!! The symbol for both was N/A and I made it null for one and that fixed the manual update issue changing both.
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    @Brian:  As a sidebar comment, I notice you have extreme precision on your number of shares, up to the 6th decimal position.  Generally accepted good practice is to limit that to 3 or 4 decimal places.  That reduces the chances of placeholders getting into the system and leaving small fractional shares hanging about in the data file from various transactions.  The precision should generally match the precision the brokerage actually maintains.  (The brokerage may show different precision in different views on their sites and reports.)  

    The key parameters for Quicken are the number of shares and the total cost.  Price/share on transactions (buys, sells, reinv dividends, etc.) are not really consequential and you can let Quicken compute those values from the other two known (shares and total cost).   
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