Buy Shares not reducing Account Cash Balance

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I'm having exactly the same problem all these users are having.  I've done the validate, I've resolved the placeholders, and spent numerous hours on the chat line. Either Quicken has a bug in the program, or its not user friendly enough for users that do regular equity purchases. Why doesn't this problem get back to the software people and then the customer support people to help to users like us?

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  • dnalor
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    I have the same problem with 2012 pro version. I would buy the latest if I had any confidence there would be a resolution. There are only 5 entries in my investment account and the 2nd one  does not subtract the purchase price from my cash account entered in the first entry. My other accounts 5 accounts have worked fine for nearly 20 years. 
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    Please click on Edit on the problem Bought transaction. If "From this account's cash balance" is grayed out, that is a sure sign that there is a Placeholder in the account. 

    Go to Edit > Preferences > Investing transactions and make sure Show hidden transactions is selected to see the placeholders. 
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  • dnalor
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    Thanks Jim, One mystery less. Now my account looks much more sensible.

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