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Quicken Windows 7 2017 Version 6 Build
1. In a IRA CD investment account, when I enter the interest, a window opens and under Enter Transaction: it says Reinvest - Income Reinvested, and in the register it enters ReinvDiv. There isn’t any Reinvest Interest. You do not earn "dividends" with a CD. It earns "Interest". This account is 16 years worth of Reinvest Interest. So how do I fix this so it enters ReinvInt? This is since updated.

I have  7 years worth of accounts using this program and now it's changed. It effected my 23 year mortgage entries too.

It’s slow opening since upgrading from 2014 to 2017 on March 1, 2017.
Shortly after this when I opened the program, before I even entered my
password, there was an update. I wasn’t asked if I wanted to update then
or what it was, it just updated something. Since when does this happen?
I don’t even know what the update was.

2.   The text is really faint.  It’s almost hard to read. I searched and
see there is no resolution to this.  Just suffer with faint text.



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    The Reinvest Income window should have several fields available for various income types, including interest, dividends, short and long capital gain distributions, and miscellaneous. Are you not seeing those options?

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    Yes. All of those.  But Reinvest Interest is not there.  Everything else is but that.
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    I don't get it.
    When I go into my investment account register and click on the Enter Transactions button I get a popup window. After selecting "Reinvest - Income Reinvested" as the Transaction Type I get this popup, with (highlighted) a row of fields to enter Interest, amount received and number of shares received.


    What do you get? Show us a picture, please.
    How is your IRA CD investment account defined? Might you have selected the "Single Mutual Fund" option (which would be incorrect, IMHO)?

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    Well duuuh.  I typed the interest amount in the Dividend space.  I was entering Dividends in other investment accounts and when I got to this one I inadvertently just typed the interest in this Dividend space.  So sorry for the confusion.  I will pay more attention to what I am doing. It just frustrated me because I am trying to deal with this Category window that flies open off the top of my screen and I can't see what is at the top of the window.  I've tried some of these "fixes" suggested in the forum but nothing works.

    Thank you so much for replyng.  Have a great day! :)
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