2017 Quicken Investments Incorrect Security Value updating from Quicken 2011

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I recently upgraded my 2011 Quicken to 2017 Quicken. One of my investment accounts now shows my Security Value as $3,723 when it should be over $30,000. My other investment accounts are showing the correct Security Value. Even when I added transactions to reinvest dividends, it didn't change the Security Value. How can this be fixed?


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    Go thru that account, security by security, until you identify one that's wrong.
    Examine the Price History for that security to see what's off.

    Repeat as needed for other securities.

    Also do any values in that account show as N/A.  That would indicate that you've got placeholders in the account.  Find them (they'll have "Entry" as the Action) and resolve them.

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