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I want to start tracking an account with just the current securities and avoid the 10 years worth of transactions for securities I no longer own and enduring pages of Placeholders. Other than manually entering the securities and historical transactions, any other way to just download the securities and transactions histories for those currently in my account? I'm using 2017P for Windows.


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    When you say,  "download the securities and transactions histories for those currently in my account" is the account set up in Quicken for downloading from your financial institution? If so, you could try the following. This assumes you want to preserve the cost basis and transaction history for your current holdings but don't care about the former holdings.

    -- Back up your Quicken file in case this doesn't work the way you want

    -- Resolve placeholders for your current holdings

    -- De-activate online services for your current Quicken account

    -- Set up a new Quicken account to receive your existing securities

    -- Use Shares Transferred between accounts transactions to move your current holdings to the new account

    -- in Edit/Preferences/Downloaded transactions, make sure "Automatically add to investment transaction lists" is NOT selected

    -- Set up online services for the new account. Depending on your FI, you may get 6 -18 months of transactions downloaded. Accept only the ones that apply to your current holdings.

    Alternatively, you could skip resolving the placeholders and transferring the shares, but then you will lose the transaction history before the time limit of your FI's downloads. You would have to figure out how many shares you held and the cost basis at that time and enter Add shares transactions to get the shares into Quicken.
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    JIm, thanks very much for your suggestions. I'll play around with that. I assume that if I manually enter everything currently in the account, then switch on Online Services that I'll get a flood of other information that I'm not interested in. Maybe I can time limit the auto fill of transactions.
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