Sub-Accounts/Folders for Investment Accounts?

Kirk McCracken
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Is there a way to create sub-accounts or folders inside investment accounts? I have a few different Motley Fool Investment Subscriptions and I would like to track the associated purchases in sub-folders of my investment account. Has anyone ever run into this in Quicken. Currently running the most recent version of Quicken 2017 on Windows.


  • Jim_Harman
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    Each investment account in Quicken is separate; it does not have sub-folders or sub-accounts.

    However for viewing and reporting purposes you can select the accounts you want to include in the report or view. So for example if you have accounts Motley1, Motley2, and Motley3, you can go to the Investing/Portfolio view, click on Customize, and select just those accounts.

    Likewise in the Investing reports you can click on the gear at the top right and select the accounts you want to include in the report.
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