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I'm a novice user of Quicken 2017 for Windows and a first-time poster to this forum.

For several years I have been manually tracking my TRP Individual 401K mutual funds. A couple of days ago I decided to take the plunge and set it up for automatic downloads. I worked my way through the requisite dialog boxes but when all was said and done I noticed Quicken had created an additional account in my account list. So now I have the Individual 401k account that I've been maintaining manually plus a brand new Individual 401k that Quicken created. How do I rectify this situation?  (Feel free to frame your answer in language that a 4th grader would understand.) 

Thanks very much.


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    Given where you are now, first make a backup of your current data file so you can go back if something goes wrong. (File/Backup and Restore/Backup Quicken file)

    Then it would probably be easiest to go to your new account and delete the downloaded transactions that added your current holdings to the account.

    Then go to the manual account and enter a Shares Transferred Between Accounts transaction. Select All Securities to move everything from your old account to the new one. This will create a Remove transaction for each security in your old account and a bunch of corresponding Adds in the new account. If you had a cash balance in the old account, use a Cash transferred out of account to move the money from the old account to the new. 

    Your your old account should now have a balance of zero and the new should have your current holdings.
    If you have a backup of your data file from just before you set up the online access, there is a different process you can use - let us know if that is the case.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, Jim.  All is well!
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