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My 401K is with T. Rowe Price. One of the options for investing is their fund named "TRP Growth Stock Plus, A". It's an internal fund which is not publicly traded and therefore does not have a ticker symbol. Therefore, there is no price for Quicken to automatically download when you have holdings in that fund. The workaround is to go to the Security List, click that fund, click Update, click Edit Price History, click New, and enter a date and price. This is extremely laborious for users to have to go through on a daily basis.

I propose to allow the user to right-click that holding's entry in the account ledger and have an item in the pop-up menu titled "New Price for X" where "X" is the name of the fund or security represented in that entry in the ledger. This would take the user DIRECTLY to the dialog which allows them to enter the new date and price.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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    Bring up a applicable portfolio view (Ctrl-U) with Quotes included and the applicable security shown.  The Holdings View / Value selection will also work.  

    Make sure the As of Date is as desired.

    Type in the correct price for all appropriate securities.

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    If you go to Investing -> Portfolio, and make sure the security is showing along with the Quote/Price column, you can click on the price for that security, and enter it there.

    BTW some non publicly traded securities are updated in Quicken, it depends on your financial institution.
    Quicken not only gets quotes from its service provider, it will also use the prices provided by the financial institution in the downloaded transaction information.
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    When you download transactions from the brokerage, Quicken should also download and compare Holdings information. This should update the quote price for any non-public investments.
    Check to see if the account is enabled to Compare account portfolio after download  in Edit / Preferences / Downloaded transactions. Click the Edit Settings button.
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    From C. D. Bales:

    "I propose to allow the user to right-click that holding's entry in the account ledger ....".

    You can already initiate the price update process from a transaction in the Investment account and save a step or two.

    For each transaction involving a security, there is a small icon at the right end of the security name. Left-clicking that icon takes you to the Security Detail View and selects that security for you. From there you just need to click Update > Edit Price History.

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    If you have a lot of prices to enter you may be able to download the price history from the brokerage or another site as a CSV file, manipulate the file if necessary in Excel, then import the CSV file into Quicken.

    If no download is available, you can type them in to Excel, save as CSV then import.

    See Quicken Help for file format requirements.
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