Accrued interest Transaction No Longer Works

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Unable to enter accrued interest when adding a new bond purchase. When I try to save the MiscellaneousExpense transaction, "Quicken 2017 Deluxe Version R15 Build" tells me there is no Payee/Description. There is no way to enter payee/description for a MiscellaneousExpense transaction type that is generated for a Bond purchase


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    " accrued interest "
    Isn't that Income? (Sorry, I don't trade in bonds) ... in that case use the "Inc - Income (Div, Int, etc.)" transaction.

    And if it truly is an Expense, the Security Name is your Payee Name.

    Are you directly entering into the register or are you using the data entry form provided by the "Enter Transactions" button? I recommend the latter.

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    I tried to reproduce this in the same version of Q, and could not. I was able to enter the MiscExp with category _Accrued Int just fine, leaving the Security Name field empty.

    There is also a field in the Bonds Bought transaction dialog where you can enter the accrued interest. Maybe edit the Buy transaction to add the interest there.

    If all else fails, you may have to troubleshoot your data file.

    Accrued interest is an expense. When you buy a bond on the open market, you pay its fair market value plus you buy any interest previously accrued.

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