Reinvested dividends are subtracted from share balance

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I just installed Quicken 2018.  When I enter a dividend reinvestment on an stock account, I get 2 issues.  First issue is that Quicken says to not enter a dividend date after the last dividend's date.  Second issue is that the new reinvested dividend shares REDUCE my stock sharre balance.  How can this be fixed?


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    QMac or QWin?

    And, can you post a screen shot of the balance reduction?
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    Reduces the number of shares or the market value? You might have to enter a reinvested dividend as 2 transactions, a dividend and then a buy.
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    QWin.  The transaction reduces the # of shares.  It looks like it's a placeholder that was never resolved. 
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    I've had a similar problem to your second issue, when I tried to correct a transaction that had been imported from Quicken 2007 for Mac. I found that my corrections were offset by "stealth" transactions that were created by Quicken 2018 and dated 2/26/92, at the very beginning of the journal. They were easy to spot because they were grayed out. Deleting them fixed the problem. 
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