Cannot enter CUSIP for brokered CD in QWin 2018

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How can I enter or edit the CUSIP for a brokered CD in Quicken 2018. I can see the CUSIP field in the Securities List, but cannot access it in the edit function.  Also, when adding the new CD, their was no field provided to enter the CUSIP.


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    This appears to be downloaded information only.
    The important parts for a security are the Name and the Ticker Symbol.
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    To the best of my knowledge you cannot edit the CUSIP (or add it for a manually added security).  I understand the CUSIP to be used by Quicken in trying to match the security tied to a downloaded transaction to a security that already exists in Quicken.  So it is an extremely important field if you download investment transactions and an oversight (IMO) that Quicken does not let you add it for a manually entered security.
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    Kevin, I hope Q fixes this for manually entered securities, especially for brokered CDs, since that is really the most reliable identifier among the many CDs issued by the same institution.
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    Dittos!  My download & add security functions worked to setup a new CD.  However, when I try to add brokered CDs manually, there is no way to add the CUSIP and so Quicken will not download prices.  Quicken, please enable!
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    If the financial institution (FI) is downloading transactions for the brokered CD, they should be providing both the CUSIP and the prices for that security.

    If the FI is not providing such downloads, as suggested by the manual entry aspect of the question, then there is no value to the brokered CD security in Quicken having the CUSIP field populated. The CUSIP field is only applicable for information downloaded from an FI.

    If a manually entered security corresponds to an FI's security, they should be matched.
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    I think the best thing to do when buying brokered CDs is not to create the CD manually. Let the initial Buy transaction download from the broker. The CUSIP should come along in the initial download as the new security is created.

    I have several CDs at Morgan Stanley, I've never created any of them manually, and they all have CUSIPs.

    If your CD purchase was recent enough, you could try restoring a backup just prior to the purchase and re-downloading from the brokerage.

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