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I have a similar problem in that in one of my investmentaccounts the cash balance agree and have been Reconciled with my bankstatements. Also the account indicates Placeholder Entries (0).
The Net worth Statement indicates the account balance as being overstated by$45K

When I open all the entries for the account in the Net Worth Statement underthe ending balance has an * thatindicates there is a Placeholder entry even though the actual account inQuicken indicates there are no Placeholder entries. I performed a search forthe overstated cash amount and was unable to find it (probably because it's acombination of cash amounts). I looked through thousands of entries and wasunable to find any Placeholders.


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    From C. D. Bales;

    The best way to locate placeholders is:

    - Go to Edit > Preferences > Investment Transactions, and make sure that "Show hidden transactions" is checked.

    - Sort your investment account (your investment Transaction List) transactions by the "Action" column (click the "Action" text in the column header)

    - Look for transactions with an Action value of "Entry": those are "placeholders" (which are really "Adjust Share Balance" transactions). To help you see them, they are displayed in a different color than the other transactions and always appear as "two-line" entries.

    I would say that, more important to your problem than whether you have placeholders in the account, is whether placeholders are affecting the cash balance in the account - it is possible to have placeholders that are not affecting the cash balance.

    To determine whether your cash balance has been affected by placeholders, you need to look at the Cash Amt column (which, unfortunately, you can not sort on - but if you know a specific security affected, you can sort the transactions by Security). When a transaction has been affected by a placeholder, it's Cash Amt will show "N/A".

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    Thanks for your Quick(en) response. I found that the "Show hidden transactions" was unchecked. I checked it and the only item displayed in the problem account was because of a duplication in a deletion of a fractional share. The account now indicates there are no placeholders.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  However there still is the discrepancy in the cash amount shown in the actual account and the Net Worth report. I opened the Report History for the problem account and did a Find/Replace search for N/A in any field but nothing was displayed.

     Is there any way to adjust the cash balance in the Net Worth report without affecting the cash balance in the actual investment account?
                                                                                                                                                                    Thanks for your assistance.                       

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    When you say the Net Worth report, are you talking about the stock Net Worth/Account Balances report? The balance column in that report is not the cash balance of your investment accounts but the total value, including the securities.

    If you see discrepancies between what is shown in the Account Balances report and your investment account balances, one way to track them down would be to change both the ending date for the report and the As-of date at the top right of the account's Holdings (Account Overview) view to see when the discrepancy occurs.

    I have found that it is sometimes necessary to delete and re-enter one or more seemingly correct transactions to fix problems like this.

    As always, make sure you have a backup of your file in case something goes awry.
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    The discrepancy is in one of my Investment accounts
    that currently has a nominal cash amount of $15.36. I have disposed of all the
    shares I held in this account. As stated earlier all of the entries have been
    reconciled with my financial institution statements. When I produce a Net Worth
    report for all of my holdings the account is showing a cash balance of $45K. I
    then click on the actual $45K amount and it produces the Report History which
    shows every transaction within the account. The report has 14 columns. The four
    columns to the right of the report read Cash - Amount - Invested
    Cash+Invest  - Exchange Rate. The total for the Cash column is indicated
    as $45K instead of $15.36.No indication of any Placeholder entries or a N/A
    designation. I've searched actual cash difference as being one amount without
    success so it must be a combination of several amounts. Is there a way to
    adjust the Net Worth statement without affecting the $15.36 cash balance in the
    investment account?

  • Jim_Harman
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    There is no way I am aware of to adjust the Net Worth report by itself, but try this:

    Open the net Worth report, click the gear at the top right of the report, click on Securities, click on Show (hidden securities), and make sure all the securities that were ever held in the account are checked. Clicking Select All should do the trick.

    I think the implication of leaving a security unchecked here is to effectively to answer the question, "What would my net worth be if I had never owned security XXX?"

    Another alternative: In your particular case where the problem account is almost empty, you could simply exclude that account from your net worth report. Open the Net Worth report, click the gear at the top right, click on Accounts, and un-check the problem account.
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