I have Q16. I download mutual fund quotes. Will Q Starter download that information?

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The only thing I download is the latest Dow prices at the end of the day.  Does Starter do those downloads?  Since Q is going to a subscription basis, I don't need Deluxe or anything else.


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    Starter doesn't have ANY investment accounts.  SO, the answer to your question is NO!

    Look at buying Deluxe from Amazon (27 month subscription) or any other retailer (non-Q) where you'll get a 24 month subscription.

    Also, Starter goes to READ ONLY (not even manual input) at the end of it's subscription.

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    How many "Dow" prices are you downloading daily? There are relatively few "Dow" prices, but there are thousands of NYSE prices as well as prices through other exchanges.

    For a few securities getting just the closing price for the dat, entering the few prices can be manageable. Thus, you could continue using QW2016 for many years, even after it loses the download feature.

    Beyond that, NotACPA's answer is fully accurate.
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    We have 8 different mutual funds and I know I can get them from the two investment companies who manage the funds.  I would be concerned when QW2016 no longer updates security matters and could become vulnerable to hacking.  I realize that everything is vulnerable to hacking but if you don't take steps when you know steps could be taken, you're opening your self to problems, as Equifax knows.
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